Minnesota Unemployment Login Page

The Minnesota unemployment login page on www1.UIMN.org is for benefits processing online by claimants and employers that are registered in the system or plan to.

Applicants should take note that the UI website is available Monday through Friday from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Central Time and not the weekends. Weekends all for updates.

Self-service begins at https://www1.uimn.org/ui_applicant/applicant/login.do and is provided by the state as the portal to apply at using their Minnesota unemployment login.

Applicants that already have an account can enter their SSN without any dashes and a password that was previously setup during registration. Both fields are required.

Problems with a login not working or otherwise not authenticating you to the State of Minnesota unemployment system can be resolved by contacting a representative at the 1-877-898-9090 phone number.

Additional resources for a lost password and account information are found at the bottom of this page to assist you.

UI benefits are administered to claimants who qualify and have recently lost a job due to no fault of their own. Financial assistance will provide temporary benefits while searching for a new job.

Employers logging in to the system are required to pay taxes on their employees to help provide funding and administration for the unemployed.

Once you sign in you can apply for benefits, find a job online, or request a benefit payment through an application on the website or a local office close to you.

After approval for UI, your payment will come to the method chosen at setup. Either a U.S. Bank ReliaCard or electronic bank transfer to your preferred bank account.

You can use your Minnesota unemployment login for up to 6 months while receiving financial support for wage loss. Finding a new job or career path during this time will help with future employment matters.


Minnesota Unemployment Login

Minnesota Unemployment Login Page