Massachusetts Unemployment Login Page

The Massachusetts unemployment login on processes online claims filed by claimants in the state who have lost a job and require benefits.

Apply weekly in Employment and Wage Detail Reporting over the web or by phone if you are seeing benefits and are no longer able to find a job.

Begin on the core UI page at with your Massachusetts unemployment login information.

It is preferred that you file from a home or personal computer if possible and not from a public access computer for security reasons.

If you must use public access such as a coffee shop or library, follow these recommendations to keep your account safe: Log out immediately before leaving the computer, do not save login credentials in the web browser and clear your history, and do not save any files locally.

Problems with your UI login can be directed to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Unemployment at 1-877-626-6800. This phone number applies to area codes 351, 413, 508, 774, and 978. All other area codes can call the 1-617-626-6800 phone number.

DUA manages and disperses funds from the UI program in the state. Temporary income benefits are sent to workers who have experienced a loss of work.

The status of a claim filed online is checked by signing in to the website and viewing the EWDR report. Reporting is updated daily by 8:00 PM the following day.

The UI Workforce central file system is not available on the first and third Saturday of every month from 3:00 PM to 6:00 AM on Sunday. This time allows for maintenance and updates to be completed and better service claimants.

Prepaid MasterCard DUA card holders can manage their unemployment benefits 24 hours a day. Benefits are loaded directly on the card and can be used anywhere that debit cards are accepted.

Should you choose this option please remember that your Massachusetts unemployment login is different than that of your DUA card on the Bank of America portal. See the resources below for more information.

Massachusetts Unemployment Login

Massachusetts Unemployment Login Page