Maine Unemployment Login Page

The Maine unemployment login page on is used to file a claim online or job search by state residents who have experienced a loss of full time work.

MDOL is operated by the Department of Labor to assist users with access for claiming benefits or finding out if they are qualified for financial assistance.

Enter your Maine unemployment login at by using the field provided. Two fields will need to be completed in order to authenticate in the MDOL system.

Email address is the first field and password is the second field. Accounts must be created to gain access to the portal and the entire claim process can be completed online in a minimal amount of time.

Problems with your login not working or with a password that you forgot are best resolved from the website. Resources at the bottom of the page are available to help you reset or retrieve your credentials.

If you still prefer to speak with someone about the sign in process or have other questions, contact the Maine Department of Labor at 1-800-593-7660 and speak with a representative from the Unemployment Claims Center about your problem.

You must press 1 on your phone keypad to connect to a representative. Inform them that you are having a problem logging in and filing a claim online.

Benefits are only intended to provide temporary assistance to unemployed or underemployed persons during a short time. Former employees must also continue to search for new job opportunities while collected a benefit payment in Maine.

Job fairs are often the quickest way to find new work positions from companies hiring near you. Participating employers in these fairs or other parts of the state are updated 2 to 3 times per week on the MDOL website.

Before you are able to file a claim you will need to have the following information handy: A Maine unemployment login, active state profile on the state job bank, SSN and PIN setup, and your past employment history.

Maine Unemployment Login