Login.SecureServer.net Email

GoDaddy customer? Login.SecureServer.net is the email access account. Check your mail inbox on mobile, with the app, or using Outlook online from the website.

Confused about where to sign in to GoDaddy email? With several locations not clearly market it can be. Here is how you login to check your email at the website.

Go to the official email at https://login.secureserver.net/index.php?app=wbe and note that this is the correct place to sign in. Add this extension of /index.php to the end of the url Login.SecureServer.net in your web browser. This will pull up the correct page for the Workspace client by GoDaddy.

The page is easily identifiable because in the center it lists “Workspace email login” and offers a place to enter your username and password on it. Watch in the url bar of your web browser (use Google Chrome) for a padlock symbol which represent you are operating over a secure connection after entering Login.SecureServer.net in it and loading the page.

Mobile user? Sign in at https://login.secureserver.net/index.php?app=mmail for a mobile friendly version of GoDaddy Workspace that works better on your iPhone or Android smartphone. There is a app available for email on the Apple Store or Google Play that you can download.

The supporting languages for webmail are Danish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and a dozen more. Features with GoDaddy.com email include the calendar, IMAP, POP, and Outlook Express setup. Support for Microsoft Outlook 2007 and higher is included as well as Entourage. Hosted Exchange and online storage are both available with an account  for current customers.

All the getting started and setup guides require Adobe Reader installed if you want to do advanced configurations with GoDaddy’s email using Login.SecureServer.net on your mobile or desktop software. The full email management guide for using the Workspace products are in article 3605 as the “Getting Started Guide” and includes around 5 pages of instructions with detailed walkthroughs online.

Those articles are listed below for quick access to setup your email account.


Login.SecureServer.Net Instructions

Login.SecureServer.net Email