Students and employees will often confuse the website portal called Login.MicrosoftOnline.com with another service called Outlook or Office 365.

There is a slight difference between MicrosoftOnline and the other hosted services for email that your school or work has partnered with Microsoft for. These instructions will help you understand the difference.

Mail.Office365.com and Outlook Web Access (OWA) are email services that allow you to send and receive messages to your inbox from other email accounts. These are third-party hosted solutions that are popular with universities and corporations, and an occasional small business.

If you are checking webmail for your school or work that has email service only, you will use the Office 365 or OWA client to do it. MicrosoftOnline is an entirely different product that connects you to a portal where email is only one part of what you can choose from.

We have talked about what Login.MicrosoftOnline.com is not and now we can tell you the instructions on what it is so that you can login to it and start using it online.

Have your work or school account information ready before bringing up the official website. Your account login is your registered email address from your participating school or company. Please see examples of these at the bottom of this page in our resources for a visual.

The resources will be used to fix problems with the IP address, blank page can not be displayed error, and a certificate that keeps popping up.

Enter your email address as your username and then your password in the fields shown on the screenshot below.


Participating School Examples:

Calumet College of St. Joseph, K-12 Data Center SSO, Creighton University, Ondrusek Sports Medicine, Fresno City College, Leicester UK, McKinley Elementary School and 214,519 additional schools.

Participating Work Examples:

Agilebits, Pinel Carpenter, Pro Health Advocates, Bluegrass Forms, Burchill Construction, Clay Electric, TS Law, Hill and Associates, EFF, Pinterest, Willowview and 873,455 additional companies and small businesses.

In the examples above for work and schools, attach the ending domain of the organization you are a member of in the username of your login to authenticate to your MicrosoftOnline account.

Inside your account you will have available to you any modules enabled by your local administrator that includes webmail, schedules, calendars, and other Office 365 services.

Login.MicrosoftOnline.com Resources:

Reset Your Password
Optin Service
Resolving Login Errors