Keystone Online Login Page

Students already in enrolled in school will use the Keystone Online login for accessing the website for courses, catalog, and accounts.

Pay close attention before selecting any options as a student, as there are three different choices from high school, middle school, and credit recovery from Blackboard education.

Begin at and select the Keystone Online login that applies to your educational status type. All required a username and password to access courses or communicate with instructors.

You must call 1-800-255-4937 if you have lost your password or forgotten a username to the system. A CS agent can assist you from there with retrieving your log on or course enrollment from the catalog.

Grades 6 to 8 in the middle school and 9 to 12 in the high school are assigned a Keystone Online login for student access at home or other remote location with Internet service.

Full curriculum offerings are available in private, alternative, and public school education settings to other districts offering classes.

Keystone’s focus is in core courses, advanced placement, electives, credit recovery, and foreign languages. Your account will be setup to display your classes that were enrolled for previously during open registration.

Distance learning is a specialty of online learning at Keystone through the technology that delivers safe academics to anywhere the student is. All with full accreditation and licensing by qualified teachers in the virtual classrooms.

Enrollment forms are to be completed and either faxed to the Credit Recovery department or emailed to them before your Keystone Online login is assigned to you. Instructions for first time access are typically sent by email within 24 business hours to the email address on file.

Be sure to verify what your email and mailing address is during registration for correspondence and online courses. This information is critical to receiving your login in a timely manner before courses start in the new semester.

Keystone Online Login

Keystone Online Login Page