Kerio Connect Login Page

Access Webmail with the Kerio Connect login page from to use email, calendars, task manager and contacts online from your business server.

The mail cloud service manages incoming and outgoing messages for supporting office communications on multiple devices.

Open a new web browser tab and go to by replacing the default Kerio Connect login URL settings with what has been assigned by your company administrator.

All logins are custom and setup from your business and the URL will be different from organizations. If you have trouble bringing up the page, use one of the following three options.

Contact your local administrator at your business for assistance, call Kerio customer service at 1-888-775-3746 or submit a ticket using the resources at the end of this page.

Connect has multiple interfaces for establishing a online link for Webmail. Administrators and users have two different clients.

Supported browsers include Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11, Google Chrome 31 and higher, Safari 5, 6, 7 and 8, Safari on Apple iPad and Firefox 23 and higher. These are for the web interface.

Client interface supports integration with other mail service, tasks, notes, contacts, webmail messages, and calendars for work.

On some occasions your company may prevent a Kerio Connect login for mail from working at home or a location away from the office. These policies are set for security reasons and you must see your local administrator for more information about the practice.

Clients behinds a firewall should add port 4040 to the end of their login URL in order to access webmail over HTTPS. The same port is used on the primary domain by admins.

You will be automatically logged out from the Kerio Connect login page after a preset amount of time determined by your company. Alternatively you can log out by closing your active session from the client or web browser.

Kerio Connect Login

Kerio Connect Login Page