Kansas Unemployment Login Page

The Kansas unemployment login page online at GetKansasBenefits.gov is for benefit claims and report changes through the Department of Labor website.

Initial claims, continuance of an existing case, and checking the status of a form already filed are all done through the state insurance system.

Begin at the Kansas unemployment login for benefits at https://www.getkansasbenefits.gov/Account/Login.aspx with the user name, password, and PIN number you previously registered with.

The Contact Center is used for assistance with a forgotten or lost user name or PIN. The toll-free phone number is 800-292-6333 if you have any questions.

Other resources for employers are on the bottom of the page regarding applicants in Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita offices.

Registering an account online is the first step before being able to use the Kansas unemployment login at the website to file a claim in your profile.

Your options when filing a claim include setting up a new account, filing a unemployment application, authentication for identification, multiple claims, available benefits, and calculating your payment amounts.

Weekly claims can be filed online or using the phone number for the Department of Labor in Kansas. Payment information and debit card balances can also be checked during this period.

Self-service of claims permits account holders with a login to check a claim status or change personal information that is outdated.

If you are not receiving a payment from UI benefits and you believe there is an error, sign in and check the appeals process or denial of benefits messages to see if any notices have been posted.

Other programs listed on the website helps claimants with the automatic registration form, education and new job training, and tax withholding.

Your Kansas unemployment login will enable you download form 1099-G, see benefits, access general information, and apply for the Treasury Offset Program.


Kansas Unemployment Login

Kansas Unemployment Login Page