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Use the Kaiser login page at Healthy.KaiserPermanente.org to access your Health Manager account and make changes to your insurance coverage information.

Health coverage plans for individuals, families, employers, medicare recipients, and large groups are all included in the online service.

Launch the Kaiser login at https://healthy.kaiserpermanente.org/health/care/consumer/my-health-manager and sign on with a registered User ID and password to authenticate to the system.

Two tools are available to rest a lost password or one that you have forgot and no longer get in your account. You will find these at the bottom of this page in our resources section. New credentials will be sent you at the email address you first registered your Kaiser login with.

You can also try calling member assistance at 1-800-464-4000 for English support, 1-800-788-0616 for Spanish help, or 1-800-757-7585 for Chinese language support. Support is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, except on holidays that are classified as major.

The connection to the Kaiser Permanente health insurance website is secured over 188 bit SSL, keeping your login information safe has it is transmitted online over the Internet.

Your sign in is required to keep health profile and records from unwanted access. It is also used for appointment reminders that are setup in the Health Manager system.

If you continue to experience problems with your login to Kaiser Permanente not working, check to see that you have the latest version of a web browser installed. The web browser should have both JavaScript and cookies enabled to prevent a error from showing when logging in.

A Kaiser login is not required to view other parts of the website under conditions, diseases, health tools, doctor locations, emotional wellness, or healthy living classes.

To search for a doctor an area must be selected from one of the following: California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., Oregon, or Washington State.


Kaiser Login

Kaiser Login Page