Kahoot Login Page

The official Kahoot login page for the Kahoot.it website requires using a email address and PIN for teachers and students to create while learning at the same time.

Game pins are used to enter fast and the normal sign in is used for account functions to play a game under normal sign up conditions in a educational environment during class time.

Begin a new session at https://create.kahoot.it/ in your web browser by entering your username or email address and password to sign in with your Kahoot login information.

You will be authenticated to your account with full permissions approved by your sponsoring organization or school district. Receiving a blank screen while signing in means that your security settings are set too high in Internet Explorer. Try using Google Chrome instead if this happens.

If you have lost your password or forgotten it, please see the resources at the bottom of this page to reset it online. You will also see the website link to register a new account.

Over 20 million students, educators, and adult learners can use the instructions on this page to find out how to use their login to create and play games on the digital learning platform.

Connections are in real-time on the game based spaces that combines the classroom experience with social and fun interactions. The free platform utilizes any educational subject for creation.

The Norwegian Research Council has proudly provided the grant and technology to make your Kahoot login possible now and in the future. Once logged in, your Kahoot! game is saved as a draft under the list in your account. Drafts are automatically saved as you make changes.

Email addresses are required for students to have a account approved in Kahoot! for security reasons. The email address will only be used as a UI or Unique Identifier.

Publish from Create.Kahoot.it and your game is ready to play by students from home or from the school library will only a PIN to access. The PIN method prevents the need from every student keeping up with their own username to the Kahoot login page.


Kahoot Login

Kahoot Login Page