ITT Tech Student Portal Online

Education for the future is available on your ITT Tech Student Portal after you login. The login page is available for enrolled students, faculty members, and college employees.

ITT Technical Institute offers the Student Portal as a single sign on location online for classes and testing. Six schools of study can log on to the portal including Information Technology, Electronics Technology, Business, Criminal Justice, and Nursing. All students can login at to access their account.

Any student who is not using a private computer should select the option of a public or shared computer when the log in to the ITT Tech Student Portal when not at home or from a trusted location. Once on the sign in page, compelete the Network Login field and Password field and select the blue Log On button to authenticate your credentials online.

Any student having trouble remembering their password should choose to have it reset. Faculty employees can use because they are in a different system but still use the same portal to reach the Institute’s web based learning platform.

Beginning a new career means getting a education in a field of study that is ready for the future. In the classroom or online, ITT Tech is helping students reach that new education goal. Highly technology focused programs of study along with convenient class schedules and career placement services after graduation enable users to use their ITT Tech Student Portal login page to continue their journey even after their certificate is received.

International students and military service members can also benefit from a education at the Technical Institute. Online programs the include login access to the ITT Student Portal include Drafting and Design Technology, Web Design Technology, Construction Technology, Information Systems and Cybersecurity, Information Systems Security, Project Management, Network Systems Administration, Information Systems Administration, Computer Forensics, Criminology and Forensic Technology, Paralegal, Electrical Engineering Technology, Accounting, Business Management, Project Management and Administration, Business Administration and Nursing. Other programs may be available at a future date and will be notified on the website.

Apply to receive your own ITT Tech Student Portal login at and start your new journey to education online.

ITT Tech Student Portal