iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

The iPhone 5 battery replacement program is in full effect with the Apple announcement of a select number of iPhones are experiencing problems with batteries. Learn how to replace yours.

A recall was destined to come as thousands of users with a iPhone 5s have problems keeping their phone charged. Apple support has confirmed a small percentage of users have defective batteries in their mobile phones produced between September 2012 and January 2013.

To charge that up, a select amount of serial numbers in that date range are claimed to be defective. However Apple support is receiving many calls about the iPhone 5 battery replacement program leading some to think more phones have been affected.

Eligibility by Apple is determined in the search box for the serial number on your phone. The tool to lookup your iPhone 5 serial number is located at https://ssl.apple.com/support/iphone5-battery/ and your serial number is located in Settings tab of your device.

To find your serial number go to Settings, then General, and scroll down until you see the Serial Number listed between the Model number and WiFi address. Other information you will see on this screen includes quantity of applications, free space, version, cellular carrier, and Bluetooth address.

The iPhone 5 battery replacement program is available worldwide but does not extend the warranty on your phone. It only replaces the original defective battery that has been confirmed by Apple.

It is important to note that any issues with your iPhone 5 or 5s that would impair Apple from repairing your batteries has to be fixed before they will replace the defect and is your responsibility.

This could include cracked screens from dropping your phone or case damage that prevents a disassemble steps from happening at the Apple store or by remote support if you send your iPhone back.

To find a authorized Apple Service provider visit https://ssl.apple.com/support/iphone5-battery/locate/ on the web. You can also make an appointment at a official Apple store at https://ssl.apple.com/retail/geniusbar/ or contact Technical Support for more information at http://support.apple.com/kb/HE57 to discuss the iPhone 5 battery replacement program.

Compare the image below to the serial number lookup tool on Apple’s support page to confirm you are at the right location.

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement