Iowa Unemployment Login Page

The Iowa unemployment login page on the state website is for weekly online claims on insurance benefits for those who qualify and are registered.

Workforce development provides information about job opportunities, training, loss of employment benefits, and the local labor market.

Proceed to in either English or EspaƱol with your Iowa unemployment login SSN and PIN to begin the weekly claim process.

Never use repeated numbers in your PIN and never share your PIN or SSN with an untrusted source for security purposes. If you have forgot or lost your PIN, call support at 1-866-239-0843 for help.

Additional resources at listed on the sign in page for assistance resetting lost login credentials online or establishing a new one in case it is not recoverable.

The online claim applicant center requires you to log on weekly with your Iowa unemployment login to update benefit status.

Only eligible participants may apply for unemployment in Iowa. To meet the requirements of eligibility, one must be completely unemployed or partial. You must have not lost a job through any fault of your own.

Other requirements to qualify for UI benefits include being able to work, actively seeking a new job, registered for local work programs through IowaWorks, and have earned a minimum wage amount in the last 18 months.

Before applying online, have your SSN, full name, address of payroll information, vacation or severance pay, and phone number ready. Self employment for dependent purposes does not count as gross wages.

UI benefits are covered extensively in the handbook, speaking a customer service operator, or by talking with a representative in the closest IowaWorks office.

Any concerns or questions are better asked in person or on the phone and not left to assumption when filing for an initial insurance claim.

You may either file a claim online through the website using your Iowa unemployment login or at the nearest IowaWorks center to your home address.

Iowa Unemployment Login

Iowa Unemployment Login Page