Indiana Unemployment Login Page

The Indiana unemployment login page on is the online claimant self service logon screen for those employees who have experienced a job loss in the state.

Uplink CSS is provided by the Workforce Development project and WorkOne to assist with claimants access to the insurance benefits system.

Starting at enter your Indiana unemployment login user name and password that was supplied to you during registration.

If you have forgotten or lost your login, dial for support at the 1-800-891-6499 Benefit Call Center phone number or see the resources at the bottom of the page for more help.

Any information submitted during an application for unemployment benefits insurance will be tested with a national databased to confirm UI eligibility online.

Once inside the system you can submit claims, view payments that have been issued or are upcoming, resolve outstanding issues, and view any overpayments that have been made to your account.

The claimant dashboard is updated several times per week with important notices about UI benefits and how they affect you. Please check these messages by signing in to your account periodically.

Validate your email address online to receive messages regarding an Uplink account that you have registered for on the DWD web portal.

Popular services have been highlighted in the recent interface upgrade, designed to help you find customer service, alerts about scheduled maintenance, and tax form 1099G documents easier.

Filing a claim weekly is required to maintain your insurance benefits in the state of Indiana. While collecting unemployment continue to search for jobs online, at the Department of Workforce Development, and local Hoosier career fairs.

In-person meetings at WorkOne offices will continue to be required to maintain any benefits payment you are receiving after 4 weeks.

Failure to comply with this monthly meeting can result in your UI benefits from being suspended and your website sign in disabled.

Your Indiana unemployment login will work with the Uplink inquiry app which can be downloaded below from the App Store.

Indiana Unemployment Login

Indiana Unemployment Login Page