Idaho Unemployment Login Page

The Idaho unemployment login page on is used to file a claim online through the IDOL claimant portal for the Department of Labor office to access.

All weekly benefit accounts are processed through the IUS for the security and easy of use by those affected with a job loss in the state.

Begin at by entering the email address and password from your Idaho unemployment login credentials you setup during account registration.

New users must sign up first before being issued a way to login on the Internet Unemployment System in Idaho. Only a user account on the IUS will work, no other PIN numbers or ACNs work with this claimant portal.

If you experience problems logging in on the website, use the forgot password feature below to reset your log in or call the Department of Labor for support at the 1-208-332-8942 phone number.

Through the use of the portal residents can get helping with overseeing workfare, new job searches, UI insurance and labor relations.

Assistance provided to employees who are no longer employed must be filed weekly for continued financial help. Temporary compensation will be issued to those qualified by their local office.

Use your Idaho unemployment login to apply for a benefits insurance claim, file a weekly certification, and manage your online profile.

Once registered claimants can access a claim, filter issues in overpayments, and view the weekly benefits payment or download the 1099-Gs for tax filing.

To proceed you will be required to present documentation related to your employment history and job loss.

Have your SSN card, Drivers License, work history of all employers with contact information, reason for separations with the employers, and any pension or retirement amounts you are receiving.

This information is important to calculate the amount of benefits you are entitled to inside the portal. All estimates are considered with a demographic basis in Idaho.

Completing the application for a UI claim will require you to file at the website with the following steps: Enter your Idaho unemployment login, choose apply for benefits after authentication, and follow the prompts to submit.

More help is found below in the PDF guide on how to file a claim online.

Idaho Unemployment Login

Idaho Unemployment Login Page