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The Hudl login page on is for Football highlights and performance analysis of sport teams to manage tools, players and rosters online.

Enrollment requires registration. A team coach must first add you to the approved roster and include your email address before access. You should receive an email with instructions once this has been done.

Begin at and enter the email address and password you registered with on the website. Your account offers video review and performance analysis tools for sports teams and athletes at every level.

If you are having problems signing in to Hudl with your login credentials, try the password reset tool for online assistance. You will find a reference to this tool located on the bottom of the page.

If you still have problems after trying to reset a lost or forgotten password, have your coach confirm that you are setup with a Hudl login or contact support at the 1-402-817-0060 phone number for more information.

Football is one of the more popular sports managed on the system. Players and coaches can watch popular and recently trending football highlights for help learning and correcting mistakes or improving game skills.

Mobile apps for Andorid or iOS devices allows a player to study the video they have already uploaded, or capture new video using their device to upload. Online video analysis tools in Hudl help coaches and athletes of every sport to review game videos.

The platform software provides video analysis and coaching tools for any sort of sport teams that want video review capabilities. It enables coaches to upload footage of games, practices, and plays for players to review when they are ready to practice.

While Football was once the only focus on the platform, the game film service and annotation software that was built on a sports video business has expanded to other sport types like Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Track and Field, Wrestling, Ice Hockey, Golf, Baseball, and Softball.

All sport types and players can use the same type of Hudl login on the system platform regardless of the type of sport being played.

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