Hour of Code Login Page

The Hour of Code login is for taking coding classes on HourofCode.com during online learning events across the world as a student that is enrolled in the Code.org partner program.

A log in to Hour of Code is not hosted on the website and is instead found in a different location for schools or students enrolled for longer coding sessions.

You will start account access at https://studio.code.org/users/sign_in by entering your Hour of Code login credentials, including your email address or username and a password you setup during registration.

Alternative logins for code learning sessions accept logging in by students with a Google, Facebook, or Microsoft account profile they already have setup. Those services are all supported by Code.org.

A lost or forgotten password will need to be reset by using the resources found at the bottom of this page. Your password must be working before you will be able to sign in and begin your Hour of Code requirements.

Across the world there will close to 200,000 events using the Hour of Code login page to attend a 60 minute tutorial without any previous coding experience.

The page supports over 40 languages to assist students and teachers teaching these sessions. Global locations and what is available will vary by country.

Every US state has a public school that will win a technology package worth $10,000 for their students and best performance during the event. Organizers receive a gift card to the Windows Store, Amazon, or iTunes for participation.

Through the introduction class to computer science, students will be able to measure their interest in coding and programming software through basic tutorials.

With a high demand for computer science and programmers, participants will find that planning early for a career in coding will give them access to learning resources.

Computer Science Education Week is when core events will take place however the Hour of Code login can be used at anytime and for longer than a hour if the student wishes to try more software tutorials.


Hour of Code Login