GWU Email Login Page

Are you a Student or Alumni? Use your GWU email login to access mail messages online. Sign in to your account at using the Outlook interface on the iPhone or computer.

MyGW supports four different logins. Select which way you will want to use your GWU email login from the available options: Student, Staff and Faculty, Alumni, or Organization accounts.

GWMail for Students is available for sign in at and will require a NetID for logging in. Staff and Faculty can sign in on GWemail at the same link. Alumni and Organization accounts direct to the same link but there is a cookie system in place that will route your login accordingly. All users can go from this page at and select their account type in order to be directed to the correct GWU email login service.

Using your NetID and password, the George Washington University students, faculty, alumni and staff can access their inbox and send or receive email messages. The lead in for the login page comes from in the top corner on their website.

Since the launch of the single sign-on system by George Washington University, GWU now authenticates users to their email with the NetID and password. Arriving on the sign in page for you will see two blank fields for your NetID and password. Enter your information and choose the sign-on button to proceed on to your account. Do not bookmark the main single sign-on page and always access from to be routed properly, if not you will receive an error.

You may also receive an error if you enter your username or password incorrectly. Any student or faculty that have forgotten their password can contact the IT support center for GWU at 1-202-994-4948 or by email at [email protected] for assistance resetting the password for your GWU email login page. Assistance is available daily. You can also try the online identity tool located at for automated support.

George Washington University has an email addresses directory to find another student or faculty member you are trying to contact. You can use GW’s Today to get more information and news about the University online or use these resources to do so.!/GWtweets

GWU Email Login

GWU Email Login Page