Google Classroom Login Page

The Google Classroom login page is designed for students and teachers in Apps for Education at with free classroom productivity tools.

A single higher education account from a participating school can be used to connect with a class and track learning progress online.

Start at and enter your Google Classroom login email address in the beginning field. If your email address is registered you will be prompted for a password.

Create a account with Google if you have not already done so. Please see the resources at the bottom of this page for more information.

To reset a lost or password that you have forgot, you will be required to use the automated account recovery tool when you have trouble signing in to the Google Classroom login page. Help has support username and password resets and other problems with the login not working.

Teachers will find additional resources in mission control to create classes, send feedback to students, distribute class assignments online. Classes can be setup with a few choices with class codes distribution to students.

Groups can be imported to save time if you already have your class list setup in your account. Completed assignments are viewable after entering your login from a desktop computer or your mobile. Logins work the same way on a iPhone or Android smartphone when using your mobile.

Students will have mobile access from their smartphone and can join a class by having the code sent to them from a teacher. Conversations are private and can not be seen by other students unless market for the whole class.

The service is free for teachers and students to use. Organization is a breeze with multiple Drive folders and time-saving assignment tracking. Grade viewing is paperless and secure.

Updates are in real-time and assignments can be completed in other Google products like Docs, Drive, Chrome, and Picasa.

Any school that has Google Apps for Education will already have a Google Classroom login setup and ready. All others will need to complete the suite sign up to proceed.!forum/google-education

Google Classroom Login

Google Classroom Login Page