Go Acumen EHR

Physician solutions for Go Acumen EHR are processed at Go.AcumenEHR.com with a registered login setup by your practice to manage patient health records.

Management by nephrology services are done within the system by the practice care team in a streamlined module to distribute and store medical records.

To use Go Acumen EHR online, go to https://go.acumenehr.com/health/ehrlogin.aspx and enter your username and password by authorized users. If you forget your login, contact your sponsoring practice for assistance.

Your contact is assigned to a medical office manager at most doctor offices or physician practices specializing in kidney care and treating diseases of the kidneys.

You can contact Acumen Physician Solutions at 1-877-535-5566 for more information or see the resources located at the bottom of this page.

Once authenticated to the system, providers on a care team can access information pertaining to their patients with real-time data in a clinical settings.

The HIPAA compliant system is accurate for reports, records, and charts in the latest updates over a secure connection from Go Acumen EHR to your office.

The latest version is certified for use by the American Medical Association and can interface with the mobile capture feature by a dialysis center or hospital at any point when the patient is receiving care.

Doctors benefit while being in the field and keeping data synced with the EHR interface.

Hospital AMCC data is sent through filters to securely communicate with providers and medical billing staff to follow up with patients entered in the system where invoices for service can be generated afterwards.

Your Go Acumen EHR login will be used to update this information in dialysis labs and auto generate reporting from the clinic at the same time.


Go Acumen EHR

Go Acumen EHR