Georgia Unemployment Login Page

The Georgia unemployment login page at is for online processing of benefit claims by workers to file UI website insurance claimant information.

A claim must be filed weekly to continue coverage while regular and existing forms are accepted to reopen a case already closed from new employment.

Start at and select the status of weekly UI/TRA payments to enter your Georgia unemployment login credentials.

The certification inquiry will required your SSN, PIN, and choosing between UI or TRA benefits that you are receiving to a bank account while unemployed.

Problems with the login page not working can be resolved by contacting the Georgia Department of Labor at 1-404-232-3180 for help regarding the service. A selection of resources are shown at the bottom for support.

There is a 5 minute average hold time and the phone number line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except on federal or state holidays.

Online publications are available to assist claimant with filing a unemployment claim or getting more information about an open insurance benefit form.

Consult the handbook for the responsibilities held as an employee and employer when using the Georgia unemployment login to access the secure portion of the website.

Functions inside an authorized account for active job seekers currently receiving payments include weekly work search records, change of address, claim benefits, status of payments, direct deposit updates, and the weekly certification form.

Note that IRS form 1099-G requires a PIN to access. Unemployment benefits are a taxable income source that must be reported in the year it was received. Your 1099 form will show the line items need to file your taxes online.

Total unemployment refers to the time during a week that no service were payable to an individual.

Partial unemployment refers to wages not exceeding an insurance benefits that totals full-time work in the job assigned.

In either case you will need to register for a Georgia unemployment login and sign in to the system in order to complete a electronic form online and file it during this period.

Georgia Unemployment Login

Georgia Unemployment Login Page