FAFSA Login Page

The FAFSA login page on FAFSA.Ed.gov is for a student or parent to find loan information listed in their account, retrieve a PIN, or check the status online.

A process involving the Free Application for Federal Student Aid involves the electronic submission of documentation a the United States Department of Education.

To complete the college loan application you will need to enter your FAFSA login at https://fafsa.ed.gov/FAFSA/app/fafsa with a FSA ID if you are a student. Parents will enter the students information to obtain a status instead of a login.

Problems with your sign in not working are typically attributed to the wrong FSA ID being used. New accounts must have a ID in FSA to be authenticated on the website.

See the resources at the bottom of this page or call 1-800-433-3243 for assistance with your FAFSA login or password.

An ID is required to to see the deadline online, contact support, use the calculator, apply for a loan, submit your application and form, appeal a ruling, and check a status on the web.

Returning users can make a correction, add a school, or view the Student Aid Report otherwise known as the SAR with counselors and parents.

The federal school code search allows you to find up to ten colleges at once and compare them in a table. You will need to have a college code ready when submitting your FAFSA application. This ensures your funds will be sent to the correct colleges without delay.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid students are recommended to use the FAFSA login page as the fastest way to submit a loan request.

Other options including printing and mailing a PDF copy of your application to the Department of Education before the deadline.

If you are uncertain if paying for college through a FAFSA student loan is right for you, we suggest taking the FAFSA4caster online to estimate the eligibility for financial aid.

In some cases students who intended to apply find that they do not require a FAFSA login and secured other means of paying for their college education.



FAFSA Login Page