Emailsrvr Login Page

The Emailsrvr login page at is maintained online by the Rackspace email hosted Exchange department for IMAP, OWA, Outlook, and SMTP business customers.

Carrier grade servers manage the accounts and acts as a white label email hosting service available to any business that offers their own webmail.

Registered users begin at and enter the email address and password your account was setup with by your administrative contact.

If you do not know who the administrative contact is, please consult with the person or department that referenced you to using Emailsrvr as your webmail client.

Administrative contacts serve as your point of contact if the Emailsrvr login is not working or has been locked out for an account.

Rackspace partners who need help getting started can call support at 1-800-961-4454 or use the resources found at the bottom for more information.

Mail connections support POP3, IMAP, and SMTP settings over SSL. These settings would be used to setup a log on with Outlook or Mac Mail clients.

Manual configuration would be required to access OWA or Exchange over a mobile device. Specific devices such as mobile web browsers and office computers may prefer to use the website to check email. See article 4214 in Rackspace support for help.

A login to Emailsrvr serves as only the backup to what your custom domain is. Hosted email servers run at and the IMAP or SMTP settings assist your custom sign in page.

PHPMailer or CodeIgniter are ways to work around the issue of connecting direct to the mail servers natively without configuring a client to do so. Talk with a developer for assistance setting up one of these code libraries.

Cloud Sites, premium web hosting for high volume website, offers support for legacy customers only. New customers must have a add-on to receive a Emailsrvr login with their account.

Emailsrvr Login

Emailsrvr Login Page