EFTPS Login Page

The EFTPS login page is for paying online at EFTPS.gov with the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System with your PIN when they are due every quarter.

A free service by the US Department of the Treasury requires a new session to be started after you have enrolled and received an approved number.

Begin at the initial EFTPS login on https://www.eftps.gov/eftps/index.jsp by entering your EIN for business or SS for individual with a PIN and password to be authenticated on the system.

Problems experienced during the log on process such as a forgotten or lost password can be resolved by calling 1-800-555-4477 and speaking with customer service about your issue.

Please try using the automated system to get a new password on the website first before calling for help. See the resources at the bottom of this page for more on this matter.

Once you sign in with your EFTPS login you will be able to pick a tax period and settlement date to make a payment. Payments are to be scheduled for drafting from your account by 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time before the due date to prevent an IRS penalty from being assessed.

Two classification types can make a payment on the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, a business or an individual. Pay close attention to what you are classified as and where you enter your login information.

A good way to do this is by looking for the closed lock on your web browser on the EFTPS website. This will confirm that you have a secure connection on the official bill pay section for taxes. See the example below.

Security Lock Example

The website is grouped into 7 different sections to help you understand what is available to you. Home, Enrollment, My Profile, Payments, Help & Information, Contact Us, and Login.

Home describes what EFTPS is and covers what is new. Enrollment is where you sign up to use the tax payment service. My Profile is for updating your important information, address, and accounts.

Help & Information covers how to sign in and using the automated voice response system at the 1-800-555-3453 phone number. Contact Us gives support numbers and hours of operation.

Unless otherwise noted in the news your EFTPS login will work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for paying a tax bill that is due or changing your profile settings online.



EFTPS Login Page