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Your 401k DivInvest login from DivInvest.com is now managed by Transamerica Retirement Solutions on behalf of Diversified Direct investment planning online.

The enhanced retirement plan has been relocated to a different website for managing your account online and only information about planning and enrollment is found on the old version.

Remove any bookmarks to http://www.divinvest.com/conversion/achs/ from your favorites and go to the new url at https://www.trsretire.com/ to see the portal that is exclusively focused on 401k retirement plans.

You will continue to use your DivInvest login unless otherwise assigned a new login by your account representative. This applies to the 3 million participants already enrolled and contributing to their 401k savings.

On the new login page, enter your username and password in the fields provided to sign in. Tools are located on the official website to assist you with a forgotten username or password, or to register a new account. This information is also found below in our resources section.

Account types affected by this moving to Transamerica Retirement Solutions includes Rollover and Roth IRAs, money purchase, non-qualified deferred compensations, cash balances, 457 plans, 401k, and 403b educational savings.

Several options exist inside your account to help plan your retirement strategy online with the RetireIncomeTrack tool. The tool uses simulations and factors in your spending habits to create a personalized report of what your 401k contributions should be for proper savings.

It is important to realize if you use this service to track your savings, that all projections are hypothetical and do not reflect actual results or a guarantee of future performance.

A selection of mobile apps for Android and iPhone are available to download and install on your smartphone or tablet to access your account anywhere.

Your same DivInvest login will work for the applicable product type selecting from the app like on the desktop website.


DivInvest Login

DivInvest Login Page