Direct Express Login Page

The Direct Express login page on is to be used to manage account activity, transfer funds, and access debit card features.

Cards are Treasury recommend as a prepaid debit card payment option for federal benefit recipients who do not have a bank or credit union for financial transactions.

Returning users can go to and enter their Direct Express login User ID to manage their MasterCard online.

1-800-333-1795 is the phone number to call for login problems or to sign up and receive benefit payments electronically. The registration page has instructions on how to register a new account online instead of calling.

Mobile apps made for the iPhone and Android devices provide a convenient and safe way to manage your money securely from a mobile smartphone or tablet. There are four ways to keep track of your Direct Express card transactions with your login.

Treasury payments for several benefit programs come through direct deposit. Deposits of your federal benefit payments are directly placed into your card account. Your monthly benefits will be available on your account the same time every month.

By choosing to get your Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits by direct deposit, the Treasury will electronically deposit your funds for you to access online using your Direct Express login.

Social Security benefit payment cycles are determined by birth dates. Information on the debit card program is available from your local office to receive Social Security online among other payment types.

The card has been designed as a safe and convenient alternative to paper checks that people without bank accounts can use to manage their money. This is beneficial when the recipient does not have access to a bank.

FEDLINK is another form of payment type received on the card. Use the card as a form to pay for your FEDLINK Transfer and Direct Express login account fees. Paying online is the preferred method to make a payment, saving time.

Direct Express Login

Direct Express Login Page