Delaware Unemployment Login Page

The Delaware unemployment login page at is for insurance claims by Employers and Claimants to process or file for benefits in the state.

Individuals and employers use the WebBenefits system for insurance payments and taxable payroll information online with claims using Direct Deposit or a Stored Value Card.

Start out at and have your Delaware unemployment login ready to complete the WL1 form. You will need to first acknowledge all of the questions presented before starting a claim.

Instead of a username and password to access the WebBenefits unemployment system in Delaware you will use your SSN, PIN, and a security code to complete the login process.

Complete all fields and update your insurance benefits for the week. If you experience problems with not being able to sign in or a forgotten PIN, call for help. The phone number is 1-800-794-3032 for the Department of Unemployment Insurance.

Establishing a PIN through TeleBenefits is required before logging in for the first time. Contact DET for more information or see the resources at the bottom of the page.

Your work search log will need to be updated every week that you maintain a Delaware unemployment login while searching for a new job. Assistance is available in your job search.

Consider developing a work plan with the DET. The DET, or Division of Employment and Training, helps unplaced workers find new career opportunities to minimize downtime. We encourage you to use this free resource.

After filing a claim for benefits and having it approved, you have the option to receive payments in two different forms. By Direct Deposit or a Stored Value Card.

Direct Deposit if for the electronic transfer of unemployment insurance funds directly to your checking or savings account where you bank at. This option is for both existing and new individuals.

The Stored Value Card is a card you are issued by the State of Delaware that acts similar to a debit card. Your funds are updated weekly while approved for unemployment.

UI benefits has a series of videos that cover important topics about your account, reporting income wages, searching for work, the Delaware unemployment login, and overpayment. See below on how to watch them.

Delaware Unemployment Login