Dadeschools Login Page

The Dadeschools login page on is for students who are enrolled with online access in the Miami Dade County school system.

As the nations fourth largest school district located in Florida, MDCPS provides the portal for staying connected with teachers, grades, and class information.

Students can log in at with the username and password from their Dadeschools login credentials as long as they have been setup in the system.

Problems can occur when signing in on the Dadeschools website if your username or password is incorrectly entered. Use the online forgot password reset link to have a new login sent to the email address on file in your account.

It will take 24 hours after you are registered as a student with MDCPS to be able to change your initial password. Passwords can be changed in the Password Management P-Synch system afterwards.

Part of Miami Dade Public School Education incentive for better educational resources for students is the portal. The Miami-Dade Public School District manages the portal.

Downloading Office 365 is one of the most frequently used features once logged in. K-12 students can now download Microsoft Office 365 after using their Dadeschools login and heading to the resources tab.

Office 365 provides a web-based portal where you can install the software from a SharePoint Server Web portal to all students, parents, teachers, and staff.

Parents are additionally granted access to student accounts. Only one parent per email address may be used to access the parental side of the portal.

Parents and guardians of Miami-Dade County Public Schools are encouraged to open a Parent Portal account and keep track of their. The Portal contains valuable information related to the progress and assignments of those enrolled.

It also provides online options for students to earn high school credits. All courses are based on the Sunshine State Standards for graduation.

Dadeschools Login

Dadeschools Login Page