CVS LearNet

Are you lost with finding CVS LearNet and how to use it? This guide will help you find the answers you are searching for through support and training to get you back on track.

This complete set of instructions is advised directly from a Caremark employee on how LearNet works and has chosen to make this information available so you will understand what CVS will need you to complete, step by step.

The special learning management system is designed for on the job training and special continuing education for CVS Caremark members to participate in as required by their supervisor.

Your first step as a employee is to identify if you already have access to the CVS LearNet login page through local registration online. Should you find that you already have a login to the system you can skip the instructions below and log on instead.

The next 4 modules described below will point you in the direction you will need to take to begin using CVS LearNet and sharpening your employment skills.

The modules will be broken into the following categories in this guide: Registration, Training, Answers, and Support.

New User Registration:

If you have never registered for this part of the CVS experience you would need to complete this step first before you can login to the website and begin your training.

Contact your supervisor or the IT Training Center for assistance with registering. You can try using your 7 digit employee ID and myHR password if you feel that you are already setup.

Training Access:

With a completed registration you can access the training modules designated by your supervisor or HR as a employee.

Modules are supplied by Delegated Management Services for retail colleagues operating in a local branch.

Training will only appear after you have been authenticated to LearNet with your username and password.

Questions and Answers:

Once your training is underway, questions will be presented throughout the module that you must answer correctly before being presented the remainder of the module.

You are to have these designated by your supervisor or HR for new employees. Answer each question to the best of your ability and move to the next module on completion.

Contacting CVS LearNet Support:

If you are still stuck with registration, problems logging in, or finding which training module is designated for you to take, contact your store supervisor or CVS Learnet support for help.

CVS LearNet

CVS LearNet