CoverMyMeds Login Page

The CoverMyMeds login page on is the provider account access for electronic prior authorization services online.

Providers can use the healthcare software company that creates a system to automate the prior authorization process in health insurance and quickly submit review requests.

Start at and enter the username and password that you previously registered on the website. You will need to sign up if you do not have a CoverMyMeds login yet.

McKesson has entered into a business agreement to acquire CoverMyMeds as the developer of electronic prior authorization technology. This acquirement will not affect your login at this time.

As a web-based workflow tool that helps physicians and pharmacists easily complete prior authorizations for health insurance companies, logins to the service are limited to only registered providers.

The healthcare technology platform is working to help doctors and other medical professionals complete PA and insurance coverage determination forms online and works much more efficiently than the old faxed form or telephone reviews.

You should take a look at the service that streamlines a typically tedious task and setup a CoverMyMeds login to test out the platform and improve clinical outcomes for patients.

After logging in you will find that the software integrates with medical tracking systems to initiate and track PA by passing claim information automatically to pre-populated forms.

Providers can manage the form, update it and monitor its status via the website after a login is entered. If you have problems logging in to CoverMyMeds you can contact support at 1-866-452-5017 or use the resources found on the bottom of the page.

The company’s technology integrates with hospital systems, EHRs, and PBMs to create an electronic prior authorization solution for all enrolled participants.

Once you submit your CoverMyMeds login, the system does the leg work in obtaining requests for medications from Health Plans, automating them electronically for hospital staff providers.

CoverMyMeds Login

CoverMyMeds Login Page