Connexus Login Page

The Connexus login page is for a student or teacher in school to access their account in the Connections Academy Education Management System.

Before starting and for a optimal experience, please use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser and have Microsoft Office and Adobe Reader installed.

Start by going to and entering your username and password in the Connexus login management system online or as directed by your local educational representative.

Reset your lost password with the tool found in the resources at the bottom of this page. Students can contact their teacher for support. Teachers and system admins can call Connexus support at their helpline phone number of 1-800-382-6010.

Run a browser check to see if your system will meet the requirement needed to successfully authenticate to the Connexus login page. Among checking for your browser version and type, your system will be scanned for Windows Media Player for PC or Flip4Mac for Apple Macs.

Mobile phones, tablets, and desktop computers can all be used to access the online education management system and learn platform through Connections Academy.

The exact requirements of school instructional models are setup in your account and adjusted to district platform preferences. Lessons and learning resources are distributed over the web for access by a student from the classroom or at home.

Requirements will included a Internet connection at home for the student to participate with their Connexus login.

Registered accounts will be able to view daily and monthly class schedules, monitor their progress, access lessons or homework, and communication with teachers. Some schools can enable the feature to view the entire directory of students that have a login setup.

Parents or assistants are able to view their student’s schedules and assignments and communication with the teacher of the student online. Connections Academy can be rated through feedback at any point in the process.

Find your school using the locator below to start.

Connexus Login

Connexus Login Page