Connecticut Unemployment Login Page

Use the Connecticut unemployment login page at from the Department of Labor to file a claim for online benefits at the website.

It is advised not to use a tablet or smartphone when filing through the web to prevent errors in the information you submit. A standard laptop or desktop computer is better suited for the form. Sessions timeout after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Begin the process on the common Connecticut unemployment login at by entering a User ID and password that you have setup.

User IDs are required to enter the system and file a claim in the State of Connecticut. For help with your login not working or other problems signing in online call the support phone number at 1-800-354-3305 or use the resources at the bottom.

Menu options available to claimants include filing a new claim, continuing a claim already in process, emergency benefits from job loss, and modifying a payment method.

Only unemployed individuals who will benefit from an open claim are allowed to file it. No one is permitted to file benefits on your behalf at the CT Department of Labor.

Claims can be filed online with your Connecticut unemployment login anytime, 7 days a week. Applications for help filed after 5:00 PM EST will be processed the next day.

You can use the Tax and Benefits System to check the status of your claim after the first 24 hours of submitting the form. To receive email updates, check that the email address setup in your account is active and working.

Access on the website will allow you to view the status and change contact information after logging in. Unlike the phone system that used a PIN to confirm your identity, the website uses a log on process.

Completing an application will take you 45 minutes or less in most cases to file for unemployment. This is considering you have standard broadband or data plans and have your work history paperwork ready.

With claim approval you will receive a Direct Benefits Debit Card where your funds are transferred. The PIN for your debit card is not the same as the PIN for your Connecticut unemployment login information.

Connecticut Unemployment Login

Connecticut Unemployment Login Page