ConnectEd Login Page

The ConnectED login page is hosted by McGraw Hill Education at their website for K-12 education and student learning connection.

To understand what type of log on you will be required to use please read these Master Code Holder and Teacher instructions carefully.

Sign in at with your ConnectEd login and password to go in to the MHE system.

Master Code Holder can verify master codes or distribute them. Teachers can create student accounts, redeem content, assign content, or setup classes online for students to access.

Technical support for a login not working is handled by MH Education. Chat service is available on the official website where you can talk about your log on problems. Phone support for ConnectEd is 1-800-437-3715 between the hours of 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST.

If you prefer to use the automated password reset tool for assistance or if the support you need falls outside of the normal scheduled technical support hours, please see the bottom of this page for more information.

Minimum requirements for your ConnectEd login to work properly on a computer are JavaScript enabled, browser cookies enabled, Adobe Flash and Air installed, the Unity Web Player, Google Chrome or other web browser, and Windows 7 or higher.

The ConnectEd program is designed for K-12 education and connecting teachers to students with digital content. This is done through a personalized learning and technology experiences to promote interactivity.

The service will help you as a teacher with these interactive demonstrations and educator collaboration opportunities on classroom material and lesson plans through McGraw Hill Education.

Internet connectivity and educational resources are required for implementation of the system by upgrading broadband and wireless school systems.

Your ConnectEd login will be required to access most information in the system or to make any changes to your account. Perform a system check first to confirm your computer settings are ready to connect.

ConnectED Login

ConnectEd Login Page