Comdata Login Page

The Comdata login page on is a way to select a cardholder service to manage financial data, fuel cards, pay employees, or process transactions.

Integrated financial solutions on every account is the way that companies manage data and spending by fleets and employees who have been assigned a login.

Begin at and select the type of payment system that you have. Your choices are iConnectData, Cardholder Web, Comdata Permits, IRS 2290, and SmartSite. A Comdata login may work on more than one service if you are approved by the company.

Problems with the sign in page are serviced outside of normal business hours by using the resources found on the bottom of the page. A training session on how to access the most frequented service, iConnectData, is also shown below.

In a situation where your problems logging in are not resolved you can call Comdata administrative services at 1-800-741-2777 or complete the customer service form for a scheduled call back.

Tutorials covered are Accessing ICD, entering a User ID or password, how to select an ImageKey, answering security questions, retrieving logon credentials, verifying a device, and recurring users access.

Fleet fuel cards work differently. Fleet Fuel cards offer businesses more control when it comes to fleet fuel management and drivers ease of use. Prepaid payroll card solutions help a business pay for fleet employees effectively.

The FleetAdvance Mobile App allows fleet drivers to find fuel, manage funds, and rate locations without a Comdata login.

Comdata offers mobile apps for other services besides FleetAdvance. Prepaid MasterCard accounts can monitor the balance on a card, review transaction history, transfer funds quickly, and register a draft.

Customers are offered a service solution that leverages the full power and capability of the company’s systems and data in a real-time.

All cardholders are entitled to online access of their account for convenience, all they will need to do is activate and register their Comdata login on the website.

Comdata Login