Colorado Unemployment Login Page

The Colorado unemployment login page on is made available to those workers who have experienced a job loss and want to claim benefits online.

Through the Department of Labor and Employment in the state, insurance coverage comes through registration in the MyUI Claimant system.

Immediately after your loss of work go to and enter your username and password located in the Colorado unemployment login information.

After sign in is successful you can start a new claim, estimate claim benefits, become a returning claimant, reopen claims, and update your contact details.

Unemployment benefits are to be filed by the person seeking the insurance only according to the CDLE guide from the Labor Department of Colorado.

With 24 hour access every day of the week your claims are processed online with current status updates. MyUI reports on eligibility for benefits and where you stand with work history reporting.

You will no longer have to visit the local UI office for tasks that can be completed on the website.

Some of the web access available to the claimant includes appealing decisions, viewing a remaining balance from benefit insurance, and registering for new work.

Before you are able to register for a Colorado unemployment login you will need a PIN to complete registration. Within 2 to 8 business days from request you will received your PIN in the mail.

Beginning registration takes about 20 minutes to complete. Gather your PIN, a computer with internet access, and your email address and launch MyUI to begin.

Only 90 minutes after registration is complete is all the time you have to open the email sent to your account by the CDLE.

You will have to start over if you do not complete the instructions found in the email message within the allotted time frame.

For help and support with your Colorado unemployment login credentials please call the 1-800-388-5515 phone number, or see the resources below to assist in resetting your password or username.

Colorado Unemployment Login

Colorado Unemployment Login Page