College Board Login Page

The College Board login page to is for registering for the SAT, getting AP scores, financial aid completion, and managing exams and colleges online.

Planning and preparation tools are a necessary step to the success of applying to the right schools and furthering your education.

Start at and enter the username and password from your College Board login credentials. Registration is required first for new users.

There are two different kinds of accounts available at sign up. Students and education professionals like teachers, financial aid counselors, and professors.

Students have the ability to find colleges to apply at, research financial aid options available to them, view test scores for the SAT or AP, and register to take the exams.

Professionals in education roles have the following functions available: tool access, work support, online reporting, financial aid information, ordering tests, and recruitment tabs.

If you experience any problems with your College Board login not working or encounter an issue during sign in, please see the resources at the bottom of this page for more information or call 1-866-630-9305 and ask to speak with CB support.

Students will find that there are different version of the SAT exam, current and new. PSAT / NMSQT, CLEP, and AP have not changed or are updated without a larger overhaul of question design.

The difference between the SAT and AP is the ongoing commitment to class time and type of college you plan to apply at. Attending college will further your education and increase career prospects after graduation.

Complete your entire CSS Financial Aid profile to apply at colleges and scholarship programs in one application. Sign in to the appropriate part of the portal and view the entire membership benefits online.

You will not need your College Board login to perform a school search on the website or access research to the types of exams that are required.

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