Class Dojo Login Page

Student and Teachers can use the Class Dojo login page to access their account at for school classroom learning management and resources.

The interface will work with both the Google Play App and the app on the Apple iTunes store for the communication tools.

Start at and enter your Class Dojo login in the form of a email address or username and a secure password that you setup during registration.

A forgotten password is retrieved at the bottom of this page in resources or on the official website. Limited phone support may be available by calling 504-587-775 and speaking with a Class Dojo agent. All other support requested are routed through the Zendesk help system.

The Teacher Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students are encouraged to share their learning moments with teachers from their account or during class time with teamwork and participation.

Timeline progress is presented once a Class Dojo login is accepted. Messages to parents are sent direct and is especially helpful for important updates about class changes.

Similar to a social media interface, the timeline will post short messages and photos to parents by teachers when a student has something to share. A teacher can see when a parent has read one of these messages.

Your login works on iOS, Android, and from any computer. Privacy is built-in by design to keep the community safer from outside contacts. Interactivity to projectors or a whiteboard requires account access from any device.

Teachers can download the the professional development pack for learning across the school district or grade level in English, French, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Turkish language sets.

Other resources include a summary sheet, a getting started video, and what is listed below for download. These do not required a Class Dojo login to view.

Class Dojo Login

Class Dojo Login Page