Chegg Login Page

The Chegg login page is for use on by student accounts who want info to purchase their text books for school online with free access.

Books, solutions, and tutors can setup a account and get shipping on physical textbooks or 24/7 service to virtual copies of approved lessons.

Go to and enter your Chegg login unless you are using a Facebook account. Sign in with Facebook if you have already setup profile authentication.

All other students will need to enter their email address and password on the page to login and complete the approval process.

If you have not yet setup a Chegg account you can use the resources at the bottom in the resources section. Resources holds what you need to reset a lost password or email address to your profile.

Customer service for your Chegg login can help with a lost password at the 1-844-224-5946 phone number or online. Additional topics covered by support include how to get a refund, close an account, website problems, late textbooks returns, and canceling a membership subscription.

All times for the Chegg phone number fall within Pacific Standard Time from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday. Website chat hours are limited to Monday through Sunday, 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Five main categories are available after you login to Chegg online. Book ordering, study memberships, tutoring, test preparation, and internship posting.

Textbook ordering is by far the most popular of the services that are distributed and delivered through the Ingram Books partnership. Discounts as high as 90% are found in a variety of text books from the store.

eTextBooks, or virtual copies of books, are made available instantly after checkout. Homework help and tutoring for exams come from online tutors under the tutoring category. Subscribe to a membership for long term or pay by session.

Your Chegg login will work in the mobile app for iPhone or Android in the same way as the website when you are ready to order your books.

Chegg Login

Chegg Login Page