Cash Station Login Page

The Cash Station login page on is used to find a loan offer near you for borrowing and creating a profile account in order to become a member.

Secure sign in sessions are required for using the system online. Financial deposits are supplied by members and come in various donation amounts to others.

Begin by going to and entering your Cash Station login after registration. Registration will first be needed to join the peer loan network.

There are a selection of banks that should be chosen during when you register for access. The banks available at this time include Absa, Bidvest, Capitec, First National Bank, Ithala, Nedbank, and Standard Bank.

If you have problems with your login or registering for loan servicing please contact Cash Station support using the web form or use the resources found on the bottom of this page for online help.

Before submitting the support request you will need to add a reason for contacting. Reasons available can be selected from the following: Outstanding payments, main withdrawal, problems attaching proof of payment, donation allocation, hours not being counted properly, unable to donate or withdraw, and canceling an order.

Donation between 1000 and 10,000 and in variants of 1000 are accepted. The service will not allow you to make any donations of an amount beside thee amounts listed here.

No donations are released without a waiting period. You will need to make a donation first and afterwards you must wait for 72 hours before you can get a donation released.

Payments should be made to another member within 3 days after the system has allocated your banking information or else the system will block you. You will be unblocked after 3 days from the transaction start.

Members receiving help in the form of a loan will have to confirm this donation within 72 hours. Do not attempt to use the loaning service for any other purpose than the original intention.

When the system blocks you, you will not be able to use your Cash Station login or provide help to other members. Contact support for more help if you were blocked and do not feel you should have been.

Cash Station Login

Cash Station Login Page