Blackboard Login Page

The Blackboard login is different for every school, college, and university and what that means is you would not sign in at for your courses.

The only log on that is offered on the website is for support assistance through the student or administrator community to open a support ticket.

Use your Blackboard login at the official website your school has setup for you. The url often follows the pattern of where you will be prompted for a username and password online.

If you do not know the url that is assigned to your school please contact the local IT department or resource center of your institution for more information and help resetting your password.

Clearing your web browser cache in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Microsoft Internet Explorer will eliminate most cases of not being able to login to Blackboard.

Sometimes if there is a change on the school system where you are attending it can cause your browser to present one or more problems with online access. This does not mean that your Blackboard login page has stopped working.

The full list of colleges, universities, and businesses using the software for education exceed the amount listed here because of the large size. Instead a sample selection of these institutions are shown below as abbreviated examples.

ACC, FIU, WCPSS, MCC, Rutgers, PBSC, SUBR, MDC, BRCC, UMaine, APSB, ASU, ACPS, Arkansas, Army, APS, Alvernia, BRCC, BPCC, BU, BMCC, Baylor, BCPSS, Berkeley, Broward,CUNY, CSU, Clemson, DMU, Emory, EPCC, ECU, EBR, Fordham, Georgetown, Gaston, Gannon, Hawaii, Hancock, Ivy Tech, IVCC, Jefferson, JMU, KU, Keystone, Kent State, Liberty, Lee, Minot State, MCC, Miami Dade, OCC, Page, Queens, RCCC, STC, Towson, Tamuk, UMass, USM, VCCS, Villanova, WCCC, Xavier, and UC.

This list covers a portion of all schools with a Blackboard server system operating across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Consider your desktop web browser to upload assignments and complete course requirements on Blackboard. Some coursework is not available and will appear as not working when uploading or accessing from a mobile phone.

Your Blackboard login however will work on both standard and mobile web browsers in the same way for authentication. See the resources below for help.

Blackboard Login