BellSouth Email Login Page

The BellSouth email login has been moved from and a new sign in is at to check webmail messages if you have a live account.

Customers on the old mail system are now supported by AT&T on the Yahoo network and the previous website access has been disabled online.

Members can visit the partner page at and enter their BellSouth email login credentials for mailbox and folder services.

A User ID or full email address is entered and followed by the password that you originally had setup during registration. A new account may be created if you had canceled your BellSouth contract before the upgrade.

Other legacy accounts are additionally supported from Prodigy, SBC Global, Wans, Snet, and South West Bell now that the company brands have been retired.

Support for your login with a lost password or username can be handled by the AT&T eSupport help desk online or by calling 1-800-331-0500 and pressing 1 to speak with an agent. A password reset tool is found at the bottom of this page if you prefer to use the automated process.

Your BellSouth email login is part of the U-verse family of products inside AT&T and migrated to a new server. The most common cause of not being able to login comes from a deactivation of your password. Resetting your password is the easiest way to fix your problem.

The move to force a password change on BellSouth accounts is for security reasons and keeping dormant accounts from remaining unused during long periods of time on the server.

If you had a mail client like Outlook setup with the service, you will need to change your POP and SMTP settings as described in the support documents.

Any customers still experiencing issues with checking their email at the new AT&T website are encouraged to call customer service and have them walk you through the password change so you can login again.

Changes apply to webmail and client mail software that were attached to your BellSouth email login before the migration.

BellSouth Email Login

BellSouth Email Login Page