Banana Republic Credit Card Login Page

Use the Banana Republic Credit Card login page on as a shortcut for card-members to the Online Credit Center 6 payment gateway.

Account services by the retail clothing company is partnered with Synchrony Bank to process all bill payments and balances due through a recent statement with their online system.

Begin at and enter your Banana Republic credit card login User ID and password to be authenticated with their system. These fields are required or you will receive an error message.

With a retail financing credit card, you can save money, earn rewards, get insider online news and more benefits available only to cardholders. Benefits you are entitled to will be displayed in your account after signing in.

If sign in problems happen and you continue to receive an error message, use the resources found on the bottom of the page for assistance. These resources include a User ID lookup tool and a password reset tool. Additional support is available from Synchrony Bank customer service.

Synchrony Bank customer service uses both a Live Chat found on the Banana Republic credit card login page and phone support at 1-866-450-2330 if you prefer to speak directly with an agent.

Banana Republic has 2 kinds of credit cards that come with a spectrum of ways to earn customer points. A standard credit card and a Luxe edition card. Both cards come with a rewards program, the Luxe edition is for high volume shoppers with a preferred customer status.

Preferred status has additional savings and rewards, including exclusive support, private sales, free shipping on all orders, 20% in additional reward points, and complimentary basic alterations on purchases.

Both the standard and Luxe edition cardholders use the same Banana Republic Credit Card login system to access their account. There are no different versions of Online Credit Center 6 for payment processing online.

Banana Republic Credit Card Login