Availity Provider Login Page

The Availity Provider login page on Apps.Availity.com is a website portal used by providers as a Healthcare Clearinghouse and Revenue Cycle Solution for Dental practices online.

If you are working on an unsupported web browser you may experience problems accessing a Provider’s Portal membership. It is recommended that you update your browser to the latest release.

Registered users begin at https://apps.availity.com/availity/web/public.elegant.login with their Availity Provider login credentials they received.

The service is available to physicians and other providers as a secure health plan web site to improve efficiency through simplified and streamlined planning.

When you have an issue where your login will not work and has not yet been resolved by the contact at your agency, please try calling 1-800-282-4548 as a dedicated support line for portal customers.

Availity offers technical support with products through the help desk ticket system. Any resolved, unresolved outages, or scheduled maintenance windows where the web portal may be offline are announced on the website.

You will need to register an account in order to receive your Availity Provider login and access approval online.

Due to the nature of the portal the sharing and synthesizing of real-time data is secure. Networks for a provider and health plans can exchange required information as needed.

Practices, hospitals, medical groups, health systems, and health insurance plans can see a reduction of administrative costs and customer handling from software membership.

Submit claims for Dental offices or changing benefits when patients are admitted in an office can be done at any stage during the Healthcare Clearinghouse cycle.

Assistance in this are of data syncing is extremely important due to the fact that nearly a third of physicians do not practice at the location stated in a directory for providers.

Payments and collections for members and patients can be viewed after using your Availity Provider login to access your Revenue Cycle account.

Availity Provider Login