ATT Uverse Router Login Page

Learn how to access the ATT Uverse router login page to setup and view defaults like the IP address, password, admin username, firmware update, and configuration.

Ever since AT&T launched their service for Internet and digital TV, more customers are using the default issued hardware at their homes.

The fastest way to sign in is enter the IP address of in your web browser and enter your ATT Uverse router login information on the screen that launches. Your login is admin and your password is the network key on the stick under your router unless you have changed it.

Users leave their password and username as the default without ever changing it. A good chance that your sign in is the same and you can use the sticker ID as your password to gain access to the configuration.

Unsure how to connect to the Internet? Try to find a wireless name on your local network. There is a serial number listed on the Uverse gateway on the back or side of the unit. Three digits that come in last on the full string will be the default network name on 2WIRE.

You may see 2WIRE listed in your network choices followed by the three digits. 2WIRE222 is an example of your wireless network name. Once you locate the network, connect to it and see if you are prompted for the login screen.

Important note for PC and Mac users. Your settings are different in what you might see on your screen page. PC users with Windows will see 2WIRE listed in their Network and Sharing Center. Mac users will go to System Preferences and choose the network tab. Confirm the setting is at automatic to detect the router settings for you.

Don’t change your ATT Uverse router login unless first approved by your ISP. Changing your login can cause you to lose access to your configuration.

While this article will help guide you through the access of your hardware, there is a chance you will be required to contact in the forums or call 1-800-288-2020 to speak with customer service when you can not sign in anymore or the serial number on your router’s stick did not work.

Someone may have already changed the default configuration before you received the router. This happens in about 20% of cases when these routers are reissued from AT&T. More about this in our resources.

The odds are in your favor that the default configuration and ATT Uverse router login has not changed and these instructions will work for you.

ATT Uverse Router Login

ATT Uverse Router Login Page