Athena Login Page

Use the Athena login page on to connect to your health provider account and manage payments or online access by web.

Whether a new medical practice or a large, established medical research institution, thousands of medical professionals have turned to Athena Health for practice management solutions and robust online access to patient analytics and data.

The Athena login is very simple once you have obtained an account. This how-to will instruct you on how to create and Athena Health account and how to complete the Athena sign in process to access you account’s information and features.

Athena offers services for both private practices and large medical institutions and hospitals. The health care company’s online suite of features provides account holders with actionable data.

Data that can help providers measure their practice’s performance when compared to others within its industry, which best practices apply to your organization (and can help it thrive), and how to maximize your practice’s revenue while decreasing its labor load.

Medical Groups

For medical groups and practices, Athena Health offers secure access to electronic health records, medical billing, patient engagement, order transmission, secure text messaging, and Epocrates.

Hospitals and Health Systems

For hospitals and health systems, Athena Health provides robust access to electronic health records, revenue cycle management, care coordination, population health, and Epocrates.

Athena Health also offers services for medical practices just starting as well as services for academic care centers.

To access Athena Health’s online services, you will need Athena login access to complete the account authentication service.

Creating an Athena Health Account

If you do not currently have an Athena Health account for your organization, you can begin the process of acquiring one by scheduling a consultation with an Athena Health consultant by scheduling it online.

You can also access a “test drive” of Athena Health’s online services at the URL above without an active Athena login page. This online module will simulate the range of services and attendant options that Athena Health account holders have access to although some may vary based upon customer and institutional needs.

You can also contact Athena Health by phone to start the process of account creation by calling the following number, 1-800-981-5084.

Once you have created an Athena Health account, you can begin to access the range of Athena Health services.

Athena Health offers analytics to provide “results and insights” such as AthenaInsight, Results From Our Network, Payer Rankings and Analysis, Calculate Potential Revenue, Benchmark Against Peers, Gain Reimbursement Insight, and Performance Benchmark Tool.

This online account will also give your organization to industry knowledge hubs like Reimagined EHR, Accountable Care Organization, Clinical Integration, EHR Advantages,
Interoperability, ICD – 10, Meaningful Use, Patient Engagement, Value-Based Reimbursement, Population Health, Staying Independent, Community Hospitals, and MACRA.

Using your Athena login will give you access to products and services like EHR, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Patient Engagement, Population Health Services, Order Transmission, Patient Access & Care Coordination, and Epocrates.

The Athena sign in can be completed here:

If you have forgotten your password, select the “Forgot password?” option.

Athena Login

Athena Login Page