Arkansas Unemployment Login Page

Use the Arkansas unemployment login page on for help with applying for job loss benefits or filing a claim online with the website.

ICCS is better known as the Internet Continued Claims System is for web-based management of weekly payment receipts and providing proof of work search.

You can start at and complete the Arkansas unemployment login fields that require your ID, DOB, and PIN to authenticate to a session.

ArkNet claims requires a valid log in to access your account online. Trouble accessing the website usually comes from your credentials being invalid.

The phone number for ICCS support in Arkansas is 1-501-907-2590 if you need assistance with your login. Claim help is found below in our resources for use during off-hour support.

Divisions assisting residents affected by the loss of a job include Unemployment Services, ArkLine, ArkNet, Claim Help, Disaster Assistance, Emergency Compensation, EZARC, TAA, TRA, UI Appeals, and DWS Laws.

Workforce Services handles most of these areas to assist job seekers with collecting benefits, finding new work placement opportunities, and filing a claim.

Instead of registering for a Arkansas unemployment login you can also call the ArkLine for phone support to verify when weekly claims have been processed. It is a more familiar form of filing for some residents who are not computer savvy.

Once signed in to the system, file a normal unemployment claim as soon as you have experienced a job loss. The faster you file, the sooner you will start to receive benefit payments.

A delay in filing online will delay the start date of your weekly pay outs. You only have 15 minutes to process your claim for security reasons once you start a online session.

If you encounter errors after this set amount of time you must log on again and start the process over. You will be required to enter your 4 digit PIN again to authenticate.

Arkansas Unemployment Login

Arkansas Unemployment Login Page