Arizona Unemployment Login Page

Use the Arizona unemployment login page on to file weekly benefit claims or apply for job loss help with the Department of Economic Security.

The claim system processed insurance information as it is received and it is your responsibility to keep current contact details updated online.

Go to the extranet at and enter the Arizona unemployment login credentials to proceed on to your account.

Do not use the back button or use more than one web browser at a time when logging in to the website to prevent an error.

If you continue to experience problems with your login contact the DES call center using the phone number 1-877-600-2722 for an agent in Phoenix or Tucson.

A limited amount of resources are also shown at the bottom of this page for further assistance with resetting your sign in PIN. JP Morgan Chase bank issues the EPC card where your benefits will be loaded.

Besides your Arizona unemployment login you will need have your PIN, reporting wages, and all records of weekly work search ready to be presented and extended your unemployed status online.

You can sign in to being a session anytime except on weekends between Friday at 6:01 PM and Sunday at 12:00 AM, Central Time. Additionally the system is offline on most state holidays.

Benefits for unemployment are not retroactive. This means that you should not wait to apply after being laid off from work. Apply immediately when you have lost your job to go into affect the Sunday after your application is approved.

File weekly to continue to receive payments on your EPC card and return the Certificate of Understanding by your third claim in a timely manner.

Expect forms PAU-007, UB-107, and UB-99Y in the mail after approval to further explain the process of collecting benefits and using your Arizona unemployment login information on the website.

Arizona Unemployment Login

Arizona Unemployment Login Page