ArbiterSports Login Page

The ArbiterSports login page on is the sports ref pay and sporting event management for referee schedules and game official assignments.

Technology has come a long way on sports event management platforms. There is now a suite of products available for teams, refs, coaches, and players to come together in one software.

To start access with your ArbiterSports login, begin at and enter the email address and password that your team representative has setup for you. The system uses email addresses to recognize different users.

You can not login without being setup in the platform first. If you believe that you have already been setup and do not have a password or have lost your password to sign in with, please see the resources at the bottom.

The resources at the bottom of the website will walk you through resetting your lost or forgotten email address or password so that you can continue logging in. If you can’t find an answer to your problem contact your primary assigner.

For help with other account questions you will need to contact your team representative or ArbiterSports support at 1-800-576-2799 – Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Mountain Time Zone.

System software functions are used by officials to keep track of their schedule, communicate with other officials, as well as your assigner.

Your first step to joining a group is to have your assigner set up your account and inform you about the organization’s process and requirements that you are joining.

Assigners will send out a welcome message to any email address that registers. The welcome message will include your login credentials and some instructions on getting pay started.

Arbiter Pay uses a different ArbiterSports login and works much like a checking account. You can deposit or receive officiating payments (as a ref) directly onto a payment card. A link is below to guide you through the login process to get ref pay.

ArbiterSports Login

ArbiterSports Login Page