AOL Login Page

The AOL login page on is used to access your account, fix problems, and connect you to Mail, AIM chat, and more at America Online.

Checking email is the primary reason for logging, some others find that news, sports, weather, and entertainment are also reasons for using it.

Go to and enter your username or email address. Your AOL login can include either one when used with a password to authenticate.

Members can register with Facebook, Twitter, Google, or a Yahoo account for a wide variety of sign in options without a AOL username.

Problems with your login not working are fixed in one of three ways. The first recommended way is by using the official website password reset. A second way is using the resources at the bottom of this page.

A third line of support is by calling America Online customer support at the 1-800-827-6364 phone number. The department provides assistance for your AOL login, account issues, and weak Internet connections.

If you forgo a login to AOL using a third-party and decide on a screen name from America Online, a selection of services and products come with your account called MyBenefits.

MyBenefits has a personalized dashboard where you can activate new parts of your membership, update your AOL login information, and change a password without having to call for help.

These services are discussed more below so you can decide if a sign in on the AOL system would be better suited for you.

Assist by AOL

Assist scans for errors that slow down your computer and detects viruses.

All-in-One Software for Desktops

New software that has all of AOL’s top features in one can be downloaded to your computer. Access to instant messenger, mail, browsing history and search are in one place.

AOL Mail

Free email for communicating with friends and family, with spam and virus protection.

AIM Chat

Instant Messenger can be installed and used as an app, online from the website, or downloaded to your computer.

MyBenefits Toolbar

For Advantage Plan members, with email alerts, weather, and streaming news stories.

Slacker Radio

Streaming your favorite music or create your own channels.

Take note that not all of these services will require you to provide a AOL login to use them. Explore each product on their own for more information on when to log on. If personalization matters to you we would suggest logging in to save your settings and history.

AOL Login

AOL Login Page