AIMSweb Login Page

Use the AIMSweb login page at if you are a US educator looking to identify students that are at risk, monitor, and set school goals online.

The assessment and RTI solution gives insights to students to help them learn inside and outside of the classroom.

Pearson provides an AIMSweb login at to enter a customer ID number, username and password in the fields to begin a new session from school.

Problems with a log on not working can be fixed by calling 1-866-313-6194 or using the resources found at the bottom of this page for more information on resetting a lost or forgotten password.

Common Core general outcome measurement is a student progress monitoring service to help find and resolve foundation skills that are essential to learning.

CBM is a universal screening process that uses scientific research with key features of brief, predictive, multiple equivalent forms, standards, and administration for reading and math.

Educator in grades K-12 are issued a AIMSweb login for browser based scoring on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Teachers can communicate with a student and assist them with setting future goals and managing their online data.

Subscriptions for Reading, Math, Language Arts, and Pro Complete are available to schools and universities in the US with modules for instructors to activate once logged in to AIMSweb.

Free training for using the system has bench-marking built-in the dashboard and serves teachers over the web. Goal setting, progress monitoring, and daily reporting will require you to sign in.

All data for K-12 or a university is handled at the state level or district that maintains an active subscription to a Pearson service.

Your AIMSweb login will be setup by your local system administrator and issued to you by the school district or college you work for.

AIMSweb Login

AIMSweb Login Page